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A Plan of Class-performing Without Students

Module Five Museums

Unit One You mustn’t touch it

Step1. Lead-in

T: (Write down the title on the blackboard and face to the judge smilingly) Morning, dear teachers, may I begin?

Judges: Yes.

T: Good morning, boys and girls, Last week we finished Module Four, for this week we are coming to Module Five, Look at the screen and I will play a short video and find out where it is? SS: Museum!

T: Yes, did you notice the signs on the wall of the museum? Yes, Can you guess the meanings of the signs on the screen? (Yes.) For this class we will learn some signs and rules, especially, we must follow the rules and signs in a public places. For example, you can see them in a museum, at school, or in a hospital and some other public places. Right?

SS: Yes.

T: well, let’s look at the signs on the screen and discuss them with your partners and think about them and guess where we can find them. Two minutes!

SS: All right.

T: Time’s up! Are you ready?

SS: Yes.

T: What’s about the first one?

S1: It means that you can’t go into it and maybe we can find it in a museum or a hotel. T: What about this one, Li Lei?

S2: It means “No photos” and we may find it in a natural museum.

T: Excellent! And this one, Lily?

S3: It means “Be quiet!” and we may find it in a hospital or a school classroom.

T: Good job! You are really clever! You can guess all the meanings of the signs! Let’s finish the next task!

Step2. Matching and learning

T: Ok, let’s come to the next task, Look at the screen again and match the signs and the rules! And try to remember them! Maybe you will meet them in the future. They are all useful. After matching them you are expected to talk with your partners and tell your partners the rules! You will have three minutes for them. Are you clear?

SS. Yes, sir.

T: Are you finished?

SS: Yes.

T: Oh, good! Let’s check your answers and read them together, OK?

SS: Yes.

T: What does “No photo” mean? You, please!

S!: It means that you are not allowed to take photos here!

T: Every good! What about this one?

S2: It means that you are not allowed to touch it!

T: You are great! Well, If we want to remember all the signs and rules we must remember all the new words and expressions. Look at the screen and read the words and expressions together! (Blackboard Designing)

No Entry No Photos No Smoking

No touching No Shouting No Parking

T: So much for learning these rules and new words and expressions! Let’s come to the next task! Step3. Matching and learning

T: Before doing this task we need to learn some new words and expressions! Let me get one to read the words and expressions aloud. Now you please, (Come to the students and point to some of them.)

Good pronunciation! Well, let’s listen to the tape and choose the right words and phrases! T: (After playing the tape) well, let’s check the answers together!

Step4. Listening Practice

T: Well, we have just learned some signs and rules in the first part, and next we are coming to second part of Unit One, we are going to listen to a conversation. And it happens in a museum, Some students pay a visit to it. Let’s listen to the tape and find what happens to them. Before we start, let’s look at the screen. Here are two questions for you, after listening to the tape I will get two of you to answer the questions.

(A short time later)

Are you ready? Question No.1. Did they go upstairs in the end?Quite well! Question No.2 Can they take photos in the museum? No, they can’t. Excellent!

T:Let’s listen to the tape for the second time and finish the second task. Please look at the textbook, Page 35. Task Four. After listening to the tape and find out what people can not do in the museum. You are allowed to discuss with your partners!(A little time later) Are you ready? Let’s look at the book and check our answers together. OK?

SS: Ok.

Step5. Role-reading

T:Let’s read the dialogue and finish Task Five and choose the right answers. We invite five students to read the dialogue and choose the best answers.

T: You all did a good job! Finally let’s read the conversation together and pay attention to our pronunciation and intonation.

Step6. Discussion and Competition (Group work)

T:After learning the conversation we have gained a lot of knowledge. It is very useful, Let’s play a game. First let’s form some groups and four students make a group and think about the signs that we can find in our daily life. And write out their uses. In the end let’s have a competition and see which group find most signs and write out where they are used. Each group chooses a group leader, and reports their results. Are you clear?

SS: Yes,sir.

Let’s begin! (All the students are working together and find as much as possible and a few minutes later.) Well, let’s begin our competition. Hands up! Please!

Well, Group One ??

Group Two Oh, group five and?..

Are you finished?

SS: Yes, Let’s see which have got the most red flags! Group Eleven! Hooray! Congratulations! Let’s see which group is the second and the third. Oh, Group Five and Group Three, You are excellent! Congratulations to you!

Step7. Ending and conclusion!

T: Well,up to now we have nearly finished our lesson and we have a little time and let’s summarize today’s lesson, this class we learn some signs and its meaning. We learn some rules, All are useful they are used in some public places we must follow them and be a good citizen, a good student. Let’s look at the screen and revise them.

Step8. Homework

T:We learn signs and rules and today’s homework is very easy. I just ask you to collect all the rules and signs we have learnt and write them down in your exercise book and recite them and the second is to read the conversation and listen to the tape again.

That’s all, So much for today’s lesson and good bye everyone

(Face to the judges and say thanks for listening)














首先以小学人教版英语教材为例,通常考察的课型有Let’s Learn的单词句型课、Let’

s Talk的对话课和Read and Write的读写课,其中Let’s Learn和Let’s Talk均既可



如,Let’s Learn部分的四部曲可以简单表示为:Step1:Warming-up and Lead-in, Step2:

Presentation and Practice ??words presentation and practice ? sentence

presentation and practice, Step3: Consolidation, Step4: Summary and Homework.

Let’s Talk部分:Step1:Warming-up and Lead-in, Step2: Presentation and Practice:

??words presentation and practice ? sentence presentation and practice ?listen to

the tape for at least 2 times, Step3: Consolidation, Step4: Summary and Homework.

在呈现部分多了一个听对话的环节(虽说Let’s Learn部分也可以在呈现过单词句型后听一

遍,但其目的主要是正音,而Let’s Talk里面的听则旨在提升学生的听力理解能力)。

Read and Write部分:Step1:Warming-up and Lead-in, Step2: Presentation and

Practice: ??words presentation and practice ? sentence presentation and practice,

?read the passage for at least 2 times, Step3: Consolidation: write, Step4: Summary

and Homework. 在呈现部分多了一个阅读的环节,旨在提高学生的阅读理解能力,并且要求



其中,根据考试规定的时间不同,Let’s Talk 和 Read and Write两部分的单词和句



再来说说初中人教版,最常考的往往是第一课时,也就是Section A的听力和单元中



一定的情境中自然的掌握教学内容。拿八年级下册第八单元 “Have you ever read Treasure

Island” 为例,考生可以通过哼唱歌曲 “Yesterday once more”营造起谈论老朋友的情

境,通过模拟提问“Do you have an old friend?”来自然导出 “today, I will introduce

some of my special old friends to you, look, they are some interesting books.” 以




小学英语试讲稿good morning,ladies and gentleman! i am no.6, i am glad that i can have a chance

to stand here ,and hope you can like my lesson. shall we start it ,ok! hello,boys and girls,how are you doing today? yes ,i am great ,thank you! i hope

all of you can be happy in our english class,and hope you can enjoy the english trip!

ok,let’s sing a song which we have learned last week,little star,are you ready? ok ,

ready go! twinkle twinkle little star,how i wonder what you are. up above the world so

high,like a diamond in the sky. oh,wonderful ,you did a good job! now let’s have a short review. last class ,we learned a new topic ,do you still

remember ? yes,we talked about weather last class,so what is the weather like today?

who can answer my question? any volunteer? wow ,jack ,please. good,yes,it is sunny

today,but a little cold.because it is winter now ,we should put on more clothes because

it is so cold outside .sit down,please ,jack. ok , now please look at the blackboard , today we will learn unit 4 where is my


please look at me ,there is a big picture in my hands,can you guess what is this?

yes,it is a classroom,it is a big nice classroom. what can you see from this picture?

ruler,yes, desk,good,football ,wonderful,schoolbag,great,pencil box,fantastic!

keys,very good! yes,we can see many things from this picture and we also can find

that they are in the different places. how to say it in english? now ,let’s learn

a new lesson. firstly,please look at some word cards in my hands,there are 3 word cards,they

are on ,in ,under, so can you guess what is the meaning ? i think you got it ,right?

ok, cindy,on, linda,in, angela ,under. very good ! now,let’s look at the classroom

again. please find the schoolbag,yes,it ‘s here. the first conversation is : where

is my schoolbag? it is on the desk. listen to me carefully.(repeat).then please find

the keys ,yes,they are over there. the second conversation is :where are my keys?

they are under the chair. here,please pay attention to the different usage of is and

are. we have talked about them many times before,i believe that you know them very

well,right ? great,give me five,give me five,sit down please. now let’s listen to the tape and fill in the blank with on in or under. listen

to the tape carefully ,when you finish,please hands up. ok ,stop here. all of you

did a good job. i think it is very easy for you,isn’t it? because you are very clever!how time flies,it is time to say goodbye. today’s homework is make some sentences

with on,in ,under ,and if you can,please teach your parents or your friends about

the usage of on,in,under. ok,that is all for today,good bye,see you next time!篇二:小学英语教师资格证


先进教室,然后回答两个问题,老师会说开始你的试讲 就可以开始了。 这是整个的试讲流程



hi ,my dear children!(good afternoon,boys and girls! hello,everyone!) it is

nice to meet you again in the beautiful sunshine day. now ,let’s began our class!

let us sing the song we have learnt before.( 歌曲名字) wa~~ it is very beautiful.

now we have some new friends here. who are they?ok,have a look. open your books, and

turn to page 100, look, who are they? what’s the matter with them? 教师出示一支

体温表,说:this is a thermometer. if i have a fever, it will tell me. let’s see

mike. mike doesn’t feel well. he has a fever.指着let’s learn的图片的mike,教

学“have a fever”。让学生看图片,教授单词和短语.the second boy was get hurt,when you

get hurt ,you feel very painful,just like him! look at the girl,she was had a cold,when you have a cold,you couldnt sto p coughing.

the last boy was had a headach,when you have a headach,your head feel painful,you

want to have a sleep.

in daily life,we are very likely to get sick,so,it is useful to learn some

knowledge about those words. ok, now,listen to the tape carfully .follow the tape

and look at the cards to read the following words and sentences. ok very good, now ,who

can read those words? any volunteer?ok,lili。good ,set down please.anyone else?

ok .xiaoming.your pronunciation is correct. set down.well,now,one ss reads one word ,

one by one. do u understand? ok. let’s start it form this syudent. oh,good job.let’s play a game;there are five different cards about five different sicks in my hand.next,all

students will take part in five groups,one group will get one cards,look at the cards

carefully,i will ask you some questions later.for example group one get the card of mike,i will ask you,whats the matter with mike?you should

answer: i’m sick. i have a fever. ok,now,i will give u those cards. whats the matter with xxx. 各组调换卡片继续


活动完以后,well down. the rest of the time belongs to you,you can choose one

student as your partner,one ask and the other answer.in the process,try to understand

it and learn it by your heart) ok,all students were done well,now,lets review the words and sentences we have

learned befor...... ok.today.

ok,everyone has done an excellent job,i am very happy 布置作业(hey,boys and girls,time is so fast,our class is near to the

end,but ,homework is impossible to avoid .after you bake to home , you must listen

these words and sentences three times following the tape, u can read it to your

parents,if you want, you can practice.....practice the words with your mother or

father,ok?now,class is over!goodbye~) 结束:

that’s all,my lesson is over.i am very grateful for your listening,thank

you ,thank you very much!(鞠躬~)有的老师会在你完了以后问你几个问题 就是所谓的答辩,问你为什么这么教,为什么用



好的印象,这个很重要哦。祝成功。篇三:教师资格证 面试 策略类浓缩的10分钟——

小学英语试讲浅析 浓缩的10分钟——小学英语试讲浅析 试讲,又叫模拟教学或者无生上课,是目前全国教师资格证统一考试和教师招聘考试面













内容及其在十分钟内的时间分配进行简要介绍。 热身(导入)warming up (leading in) 1-2分钟 热身的目的是让学生快速的从课下的汉语环境中进入到英语课堂上的英语环境,一般情




讲时间只有10分钟,因此,这部分建议1-2分钟,快速切入主题即可。 新授presentation 3分钟新授这部分主要是教授本节课的重点知识及技能等,是一节课的重心,因此,这个部分



重要的方面是吸引学生学习英语的兴趣,因此在新授过程中我们需要采取一些活动来吸引学乘华图翅膀 圆教师梦想 的教学。 生的兴趣,在这里,我们可以使用图片新授,tpr新授,情境带入新授等方式


练习 practice2分钟左右新授完之后,下一个部分就是对刚刚所学的知识进行练习的部分了。在练习部分,教师


达到感知理解的目的。因此,本部分在整个试讲过程中所占时间应为2分钟左右。 巩固







个部分教师可以为学生设置一定的情景,让学生去运用所学语言,所占时间为2分钟左右。 小

结 summary 1分钟左右





作业 homework1分钟左右在本节课的尾声,不要忘了给学生布置作业,以再次巩固所学。教师在布置作业的过程






1. 授课有激情,口语流利,抑扬顿挫。作为一名英语老师,一口流利的口语是评委极其



2. 课程中要体现新课程标准中的一些基本理念,如面向全体学生、以学生为主体、评价

主体多元化、运用现代化教学设备等。 乘华图翅膀 圆教师梦想

3. 保持微笑,对学生多一点关爱。作为未来的小学英语老师,不仅要能够将知识传授给



4. 着装合体,整洁大方,不过于随意。教师这个行业虽不硬性要求着正装,但为人师表,


5. 不要忘记板书。板书可以呈现本节课重要知识点,有利于学生随时观看复习,因此,


考生能在考前勤加练习,最终顺利拿到教师资格证。 最后,华图教师诚祝各位考生乘华图翅膀,圆教师梦想! 安徽华图英语教研室 编辑 乘华图翅膀 圆教师梦想篇四:河北教师资格证面试小学英语说课稿:at a farm河北教师资格证面试小学英语说课稿:at a farm教学内容

今天我说课的内容是人教版的pep primary english book iv unit 6 at a farm.的第

一课时,主要学习sheep, lamb, goat, cow, horse, hen六个新词。本节课是单词教学。它

是在学生初步学习了句型“how many??do you have?之后进行教学的。通过学习新词,感知

句子what are they? they are?.how many?.为下节课的教学打下基础。本课时容量大,但难






(1) 使学生能听、说、认、读sheep, lamb, goat, cow, horse, hen等单词。

(2) 初步感知:“what are they? they are?. how many?.how many??”等句子,学生能



(1) 能听懂let’s do中的指令并做出相应动作.,如shear a sheep。

(2) 能区分农场的动物, 培养学生灵活运用所学知识进行交流的能力。


(1) 培养学生注意观察、认真模仿的良好习惯和主动竞争的竟识。

(2) 激发学生学习英语的兴趣,使学生树立学习英语的自信心。

(3) 培养学生的合作交流能力。重点难点

教学重点:学习新词sheep, lamb, goat, cow, horse, hen, 能正确认读.。教学难点: 培养学生合作学习的能力,同时注意培养学生学习英语的兴趣,树立自信心。教学准备

教师准备新旧单词卡片、录音机、磁带、流动小红旗、写句子的纸条、挂图。 教法学法




彻底改变传统的“授—受”的教学模式,促进语言实际运用能力的提高。 教学过程

(一)歌曲导入,激发学生学习的兴趣 教育家托尔斯泰说过:“成功的教学所必须的不是强制,而是激发学生的兴趣,兴趣是推


入的关键。well begun, half done. 精彩的课堂开头,往往给学生带来新意、亲切的感觉,



因此,在热身的时候,首先让学生分角色演唱歌曲:“old macdonald had a farm”,这





这样才能使课堂氛围充满活力。因此,我在这个环节与学生进行了朋友式的会话。it’s time

for class. are you ready ? hello ! boys and girls. how are you ? nice to meet you. ?



他们一系列的自主活动,促进外部动机向内部动机的转化。today, we are going to learn

“unit 6. at a farm.”. i’ll divide you into four groups . which one is best, they’

ll get the flag, ok? now, let’s start.于是我提出问题do you like animals.引入学

习主题,并通过挂图和音乐创设情景let’s go to a farm. there are many animals自然





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