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1. This book can give you the answers to the questions most often asked by parents, teachers and students


2 The American offcial, the French, Japanese who had spoken earlier all lowered their heads in shame, and did not dare to answer.

3 Teaching them small acts of kindness, such as letting someone else go through a door first as they hold it open, may seem unimportant, but it can go a long way toward helping students realize how to be polite and thank others .

4.I’d just started reversing into the space when another car made its way into it.

5.Russian great tennis player Sharapova will not be playing in the MPS Group Championships, which begins in the US on Monday.

6.Walking together, my father and I used to have a lot of conversations through which I learned lessons from his experiences.

7.Others say making cars that pollute less will never be as good as having fewer cars.

8.It was a reminder to Australians of how the weather could change their lives.

9.The recorders we have chosen for you today are from American country music, Indian music, pop music and so on.

10.There are many companies around the world that welcome these students on their projects--helping people in poorer countries, or even in your home country.

11.Doctors and other scientists who study the human mind and try to explain why people behave in the way that they do, called psychologists, are starting to believe it.

12.Thanks to the great amount of rainfall, Ireland is a very green rural country with some places seeing rain for 225 days in a year.

13.They can take a packed lunch with them, which usually includes cold food like sandwiches.

14.Eye-recognition is better than other kinds because your eyes don’t change as you get older, or get dirty like

hands or fingers.

15.It’s not on important things like food, but on things like candy and chocolate, and all of those things that others can’t afford and that’s unhealthy.

16.Knowing the mother was about to give up the treatment for her child because of the shortage of money and get back their home in Zhangjiakou of North China’s Hebei Province, Premier Wen asked his members to arrange treatment for Li Rui at a hospital in Beijing.

17.You’ll usually begin to notice that you’re growing faster about a year or so after your body starts to show the first changes of puberty.

18.One day an earthquake rocked the mountain, causing one of the eggs to roll down the mountain

to a chicken farm, located in the valley below.

19.Have you ever waited in the lunch line only to find when you get to the front that you don’t like what they’re serving?

20.Li Jun, a 17-year-old girl from Shenzhen Foreign Language School, still can’t believe her 10-day free training camp in the Alps in Switzerland last month was true.

21.Whenever the house gets quiet, Mrs. Smith just knows where to find her 6-year-old daughter, Mary: lost in the world of stories.

22.He often drew pictures on the floor with chalk and when his mother saw what he had done, she would quickly

clean them with a mop.

23.Although many companies have no plans for hiring more workers, the managers said students could still find opportunities in hard times.

24.U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson first thought of the idea for Earth Day in 1962 when he saw polluted rivers and

cities covered with smoke.

25.This process, which helps us to deal with culture shock, is the way our brain and our personality react to the strange new things we meet with when we move from one culture to another.

26.In Japanese culture, it also depends on whether you are on the phone or meeting somebody or whether you are close to the person you are greeting.

27.It has everything to do with removing the chemicals from your body that you’ve been putting in there by smoking.

28.The best storytellers were mothers who used funny voices to show different characters or made their own

special sound effects to keep the story moving, researchers said.

29.In many countries, some people return to school in their late twenties, thirties, or even older to get a higher degree

30.They are nothing now, and will be nothing in the future, unless they take the advice of their parents and teachers, and most importantly, depend on themselves.

31.None of the teenagers interviewed in the survey are experiencing any problems in buying cigarettes in shops or supermarkets.

32.At Xiaoyu’s home, the experts noticed these colorful nursing bottles and bowls her mother had carefully selected for her have lots of lead.

33.People who join the company’s “mother club” can get lectures and newsletters on baby and child development at no extra cost, if they agree to spend 18 dollars a month on the company’s educational toys and child care books.

34.Instead of owning our own car, which costs money everyday, we can share cars and only pay money when we use them..

35.A two-year-old boy in Britain has an IQ of at least 160,equal to that of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, and has become the youngest boy in the country as a member of Mensa.

36.The success of this book encouraged him to write more stories such as A Journey to the Center of the Earth and From the Earth to the Moon.

37.Although the influenza virus is alive throughout the world in all four seasons, it seems to have its greatest effect on humans during the winter.

38.I can help people who need health care get health care, and people who need jobs get jobs.

39.His back hurt so much that he could not exercise all week, and he had to be helped in and out of the car that drove him to the meet.

40.Experts and his colleagues found that among children who often ate cured meats and fish, those who also ate vegetables or soy products had a very low possibility of getting leukemia.

41.The first time we met her was right after the May earthquake, in her hometown in Sichuan Province.

42.There are thousands of products of all colours and shapes in a supermarket, making you believe that they are worth a try.

43.Report from the China Renewable Energy Society showed more than two thirds of China’s land receives more than 2200 hours sunshine every year.

44.The story of Bruce Lee, a new home-produced feature film, will be shown on the college sports ground at seven tonight.

45.At sight of this note, please come to Room 401 ,Dormitory3, where Zhang Biao needs you to help him to sweep the floor.

46.It’s OK if it takes you a while to feel yourself again when you go to a new place or meet new people.

47.A chemical that controls growth, which is called a hormone, moves into your bloodstream.

48.He searched out the farmer whom the king bad spoken to and asked him the answer to the riddle.

49.The drunk man asked the police if they knew where Mabel was as he was put into the back seat of the police car.

50.We are looking for retired adults who would like to work part time at the weekend.


1. 这本书会给出很多经常被父母,老师和学生问到的问题的答案

2. 之前发言的美国,法国和日本的官员都羞愧到低下了头,不敢回答。

3. 教他们从小的善事做起,比如进门时让别人先进出,为别人撑着门,这些看起来重要,但是对于帮助


4. 我刚要把车倒进停车位时,另一辆车开进去了。

5. 俄罗斯著名的网球运动员莎拉波娃将不参加周一在美国举行的MPS集团冠军赛。

6. 在一起攀登时,我和父亲过去常常有谈不完的话,通过这些交谈我从他的经历中吸取许多教训。

7. 但是有人说生产污染小的汽车还不如少造车。

8. 这是对澳大利亚人关于环境将如何改变他们生活的一种警示。

9. 今天我们给你们选择的唱片有美国的乡村音乐,印度音乐和流行音乐等。

10. 找到一个具有英雄品质的人,并非易事。

11. 在世界范围内,有许多欢迎这些学生的公司,这些公司非常欣赏学生们帮助贫穷国家甚至自己国家的


12. 研究人的大脑思维并试着去解释为什么人们那样做的科学家和医生,也就是心理学家,开始去相信这


13. 由于大量的降雨,爱尔兰就成了一个绿色,非常具有乡村风味且在有些地方一年可以见到225个雨天


14. 他们能够带打包的午餐,这种打包的午餐里通常含有像三明治这样的冷食物。

15. 眼睛识别技术比其它种类的识别技术要好,因为你的眼睛不会随着你变老而发生变化,也不像手或手


16. 他称自己为进入国际空间站并在太空举办演出的太空第一小丑。

17. 钱没花在像食品这样的东西上,而是花在像巧克力这些别人买不起的东西上,这不利于健康。

18. 当温家宝总理得知这位母亲因为没钱想放弃孩子的治疗要回河北张家口的家时,总理让他的助手安排


19. 在你的身体开始出现青春期的第一变化之后,一年左右的时间内你通常才会意识到自己长得很快。

20. 然而,Jimmy Angel的飞机降落到沼泽地中。Jimmy Angel和他的伙伴们历尽艰辛在11天后返回到文


21. 一天山上发生地震,导致其中的一个蛋从山上滚下,落在了下面山谷中的一个机场中。

22. 一天当它们在农场上玩游戏的时候,这只鹰看着头顶的天空,注意到一群强壮的鹰在空中飞翔。

23. 你有没有曾经排队等着午餐,当轮到你的时候才发现,他们所提供的菜式你都不喜欢。

24. 李君那一个来自深圳外国语学校的十七岁女生,仍然不敢相信她上个月在瑞士的阿尔卑斯山脉进行的


25. 无论什么时候,一旦房间安静下来,史密斯太太都知道去哪里找她六岁的女儿-玛丽亚;沉浸于故事的世




I arrived in London on a foggy day, to go to a very important meeting. The place ①was on the other side of the town. All traffic came to a stop②so I decided to go there on foot.

Minutes later, I was completely lost. I stood there and thought③ ④heard a young man’s voice coming out of the fog, “I suppose ⑤” I was very glad to have a man ⑥Afterward I told him ⑦his ar


m, and we started. We walked quite fast, turning corners and crossing roads.

⑧As I followed him through the dark streets, I wondered ⑨why he found his way so easily. “I know this part of London quite well,” he said.

“But in such a fog it’s impossible to see anything,” I said.

“I am blind, sir.” he answered, “In the fog, it is exactly the same for me as usual.”


1. 简单句:最基本的句子类型,一个句子中只含有一个主谓结构。

Eg:My uncle gives me a camera.

2. 并列句:由两个或两个以上独立的主谓结构或简单句并列在一起的,通常用并列连词

来连接两个或两个以上的句子, Eg:Jim wentdidn’t..Studymake progress.

3. 复合句:由一个主句与一个或一个以上的从句(从句有相应的连词引导)组成的句子。 因此,复合句含有两个或两个以上的主谓结构(完整的句子),句子与句子之间用连接词连 接。其中,主句部分可以独立存在,但从句担当了主句某一句子成分,故通常不能独立存在。 根据从句在句子中充当的成分,可以将其分为6类,即主语从句、表语从句、宾语从句、同位语从句、定语从句和状语从句。


1. 主语从句:



(1) It(2) It 主语从句引导词:①连词that (在从句中不担任成分,本身没有词义),

②连词whether(意思是“是否” ) ③连接代词what,whatever,who,whoever,which等引导, ④连接副词when,where,how,why等引导。

2. 表语从句:

(what在从句中充当 (that只引导,本身无词义,在从句中也不充当任何句子成分,可以省略) (who在从句中当,不能省略)


3. 宾语从句:

引导宾语从句的连接词与主语从句和表语从句一样,是that, whether ( if ), who,whoever,which,when,where, how, why,what,whatever等。例如本文中出现的几个宾语从句:

(1) I stood there and thought (用于引导what和引导who都不能省略) (looks是系动词) ③句是thought的宾语从句,第④句是explain的宾语从句。

(2) I suppose 这是suppose的宾语从句,省略了that). (3) Afterward I told him (这是told的宾语从句,充当间接宾语,引导词where在从句中充当状语) (4) I wondered 的宾从,why在从句中充当状语)

另外:宾语从句除了可以跟在及物动词之后外,还可以跟在介词的后面,充当介词的宾语。 Eg:Y

(充当介词except的宾语) (主语从句) (充当介词on的宾语)



①当主句是过去时的某种时态时,从句的时态也要用相应的过去时的时态。 Eg:②但如果主句是现在的时态,则从句的时态根据从句本身的实际情况而定。 Eg:2)that在引导宾语从句通常都省略,如上文中的第⑤句。

3)如果主句中it做形式宾语,而that引导宾语从句是真正的宾语时,that不能省略。 Eg: (it是形式宾语,that引导的宾语从句是真正的宾语,不能省略that)


5. 定语从句:相当于形容词,用来修饰先行词(即被定语从句修饰的词)——名词或代词,或修饰整个主句。定语从句属于非独立性从句,本身不能独立存在,应该紧跟在它的先行词之后。根据与先行词之间关系的密切程度,定语从句分为两类:限制性定语从句和非限制性定语从句。由关系代词(who, whom, whose, which, that, as)或关系副词(when, where, why)引导的从句,


如上文中:The place ①where the meeting was going to be held was on the other side of the town.

I was very glad to have a man ⑥非限制性定语从句:对先行词做进一步的解释或说明,如果删除掉,不影响整个句子的基本意思,通常用逗号与主句部分分开。例如:

(3) Tom didn’ (4) One of the most senic areas is the Loire Valleythe kings and queens of France used to live.

分析:在上文第①句The place ①was on the other side of the town.中,主句部分是由关系副词where引导的从句where the meeting was going to be held是表示地点的先行词the place的定语,引导词where在从句中充当地点状语, 相当于in the place。


(1) This is the place which / that we visited last year. (2) This is the place where I once worked.


在第(1)句中,which / that在定语从句中相当于做 的 语;而引导词where是关系副词,在定语从句中只能担当状语,如第(2)句中,where做相当于,从句可以理解为:.

注2:另外,当先行词是表示时间的名词时,定语从句的引导词同样可以是that或which,有时也用 when,其区别也是如此:that / which在定语从句中充当主语或宾语,而关系副词when则在所引导的定语从句中充当时间状语。例如:

虽然这两个句子的先行词都是the days,但是在第一句中,which / that相当于 ,在定语从句中做谓语动词 的 语;在第二句中,when相当于 ,,在定语从句中做语:

还有一个关系副词why可以用于引导限制性定语从句,其先行词只能是reason,why指原因,在定语从句中只能做原因状语。例如: 在上文的第⑥句中:I was very glad to have a man ⑥主句部分是I was very glad to have a man,定语从句是由关系代词who引导的,其先行词是a man。当先行词是人时,其定语从句的引导词可以是who,whom,也可以是that。例如: Where is the man (who / whom / that) I saw yesterday.

用于引导定语从句中引导词还有关系代词whom, whose, which和as,其具体用法如下:

1. whom: 先行词必须是人,whom在定语从句中只能做宾语。例如:

He is the man whom I met yesterday.

该句中的whom可以换成who或that,也可以省略。who和that在定语从句中可以充当主语和宾语,因此,当定语从句的引导词在从句中担当宾语时,who, that和whom可以互换,也可以省略。但是,如果在引导词前面出现了介词,则只能使用whom。例如:



2. whose:相当于形容词性的物主代词,是唯一一个可以在所引导的定语从句中充当定语的引导词,其先行词可以是物,也可以是人。例如:

(1) Y(先行词是人) (2) I’(先行词是物)

3. which: 其先行词只能是物,在定语从句中做主语或宾语,在做宾语时,可以省略。多数情况下可以与that互换。例如:

(which在定语从句中做主语,不能省略,可以换成that) (2) I’ (which在定语从句中做bought的宾语,可以省略,可以换成that)

但是,which可以引导非限制性定语从句,或指代前面整个主句的意思,而that却不可以。 eg:(which在引导一个非限制性定语从句) 指She married Tom这件事,不能用that)


4. as:关系代词,常用于两个句型中:such…as…(像??一样的),the same … as… (和??同样的),其中,such和same作定语,修饰主句中的名词或代词——先行词,as在所引导的定语从句中担任主语、宾语和表语。例如:

(such修饰先行词countries,as在所引导的定语从句中充当主语) (the same修饰先行词man,as在所引导的定语从句中充当表语)

另外,as还可以引导非限制性定语从句,所引导的定语从句可以位于主句的后面,也可以位于主句的前面,用来指代整个句子或主句的一部分,并对其加以补充或说明。例如: This elephant is like a (which 在引导非限制性定语从句的时候,只能放在主句的后面。)
















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