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1, how to define "want to know"?

"Want to know" is what the problem is that you can only find a place where no one to smoke, and then can not complain about others.

2, what is your standard of making friends?

Born wise, into the world of the strong, or the normal and the sun of the ordinary people.

3, more attention to women's body shape, face, or the idea?

Face and figure decide whether I want to know her thoughts.

Thought decides whether I will vote against her face and figure.

4, "do not let the children lose at the starting line," it makes sense?

A lifetime to compare with others, is the source of the tragedy of life.

5, what to do to improve the quality of life?

Throw things at regular intervals.

6, married two people in the most important is what?

When this marriage is not married.

7, how to judge the true and false beggars?

No matter what true or false, when he begged you, he really is a beggar.

8, why the article is written for others to see, but the writing is very annoying when people look at it?

Because of the observer, the state of infinite possibility collapses.

9, how to refute the "you do you go to the" logic?

The world famous "I comment on the refrigerator, he must be refrigeration? "

10, you most want to you when you are young, you should know what to do or what to know?

The inner feeling is more important than the outside.

11, the tuition is used to study or travel around the world is more appropriate? Why?

Reading in the absence of sufficient knowledge for the premise, even for the thousands of miles is the postman.

12, why some people will have the wisdom of the girl was gruff guy get the impression?

Seriously, I think, or just look smart girl or boy, just look silly......

13, why did you enter the media? Why are you still in the media so far?

I go to the media, because I will not do anything else; I still stay in the media, because I will not do anything else.

14, what is the perfect love in your heart?

Can be not perfect.

15, for love, put down the moment is what kind of?

"In the absence of the station, she got on the car, I did not like the past that watched the shuttle to disappear, but the head also don't return to the home direction."

16, what is your most profound understanding of the wrong?

Think freedom is to do what you want to do. Later it was discovered that the self discipline will be free.

When a person is lack of self-discipline, he does things that are always affected by the temptation of the habit and instant, or is disturbed by the idea of others, almost never to do the real desire of the heart.

17, why Germany, this contribution to the knowledge of the elite of the country, in the national decision-making on the top so stupid, involved in two dozen do not win World War?

Last look at the European Cup, a friend of Germany made a evaluation: the philosophy of others, with the scientific development of their own.

18, my girlfriend is ueasonable, ask for too much?

Plain is actually very luxurious.

That means there's a lot of people who love you for your love.

19, how to become a man of ideas?

You have not found the very idea of people often cheeky".

I mean, they're not afraid to say what they think. They are thought to be two.

There are too many people who have ideas, too few people dare to speak out.

19, why are you determined to leave a company?

There was a saying, see you want to stay in a company, just take a look at the life of your colleagues, if their life is not what you want, you can leave, leave the first company, what I needed to change a life

20, exotic life, change your "is not the concept of"?

A lot of things are just different, there is no non.

21, is not a person more mature, the more difficult to fall in love with a person?

Is not the more mature the more difficult to fall in love with a person.

The more mature, the more able to tell is not the love.

22, how to make this world a better?

To make yourself better.

23, what is the value of suffering?

Never believe that suffering is worth suffering, suffering is suffering, the suffering will not bring success.

Suffering is not worth pursuing, training will be because of suffering can not escape.

24, what foreign things to make you feel better to stay at home in the country?

"Got the sky, lost the land".

25, to stay in Europe and the United States often between the United States and what are Tucao?

Students in the eyes of our Singapore, you at least are considered out of the country.

26, you play the world's methodology is how?

Clipsal in order to fit in.

No reference to the static wonderful principle, even if comprehension is impractical.

27, how to determine the other side is the one who can be with me in my life?

Mr. Qian Zhongshu has such an evaluation of Ms. Yang Jiang, is regarded as a model of the ideal of marriage by sociologists:

1, in the face of her, I never want to get married.

2, and she together for so many years, never regret to marry her wife.

3, also never thought to marry another woman.

28, how to refute the "reality, this society is like this"?

"How are you, your world is what."

29, what is your understanding of freedom?

Ability to say "no"

30, what products reflect the design philosophy of lessismore?

The game of go

31, how to distinguish between good and cowardly?

In the face of the enemy, have the ability to hurt others, and do not want to hurt, that is good.

In the face of the enemy, the ability to hurt others, not to hurt, that is weak.

32, chatting with a friend to ask questions to be returned to you guess what can be done to poke blind eyes of the effect?

Friend: "you guess"

Answer: "guess the end"

Friend: "guess what?"

Answer: "you guess"

33, we should boycott?

We want to boycott Japanese goods, and not to drop their Japanese goods. We should do better in all walks of life than it does.

US officials than they clean our streets than their clean, then our bridge is strong.

And our young people, who are more likely to have a future, have a better future.

34, why successful school books to see, not only did not play much inspirational role, but it brings many negative effects?

If it were, often can hear vague; the sergeant, corporal Wendao, laughing.

- "Lao Zi"

35, how to treat inspirational books?

See more, it is the life of others.

36, the same is st(转 载 于:wWW.xlTkWJ.Com 小 龙文 档 网:少儿英语教材,知乎)ronger than their own, why sometimes the envy of the psychological, and sometimes have to worship?

Far from the worship, near the jealousy.

Can't reach for the worship, enough to envy.

There is a conflict of interest, jealousy, no conflict of interest.

37 and roommates are all keen to watch TV plays to see the constellation love Lu Qi girl, I in front of them always have a kind of sense of superiority, and to showing off a lot of yourself every day around know almost to learn knowledge, how do I do it?

People were fond of teaching others in

38, some people especially like to send a very short state, which is a kind of psychological?

The possibility is as follows:

1 Jane for the United states.

2 do not want others to understand, I hope to record.













这点最重要。虽然我们在了解某机构时,有看学校简介,有问课程顾问,说来说去感觉都很棒,最后不知道如何辨别。而试听是了解某机构最好的方式,上课方式,课堂氛围,老师水平等一目了然。当然,我们试听课的时候最好是正式学员上的课,而非专门安排的试听课, 这样的试听课往往掺杂了很多水分。汉普森英语所有正式学员上的课全部无保留对外公开,不加任何修饰地还原课堂原貌,让试听的学员真实感受汉普森英语的专业教学,进而选择自己想要学习的课程。

















外语学习过程必须充满乐趣,尽量避免枯燥和挫折感,选取的材料也一定要充满兴趣,不要强迫自己接触明明你很讨厌可是大家又公认的好材料,比如老友记欲望都市等等,比如VOA CNN等等,我都没看过,虽然他们是公认的好材料,可我英文不见得比谁差,所以记住,没有必须学的东西,只有你喜欢的东西,因为只有乐趣,才能伴你走的更远


































其次,要了解ESLPOD牛在什么地方,你得先了解下DrKrashen的二语习得理论,他提出来的一些基本理论,比如情绪机制,i+1原则等等,目前已经是被证实最高效可靠的语言学习大规律,不管你什么什么千万法疯狂派,只要你想学好英语,基本上逃不脱Krashen的理论,而ESLPOD是Krashen首肯承认,亲自向全世界的语言学习者推荐的,认定”是英文中级学习者中最好最合适的学习材料“ 最后,ELSPOD独特的结构设计和主题设计,注定了他会有那么多的收听者——据说目前听众已经过千万了,而贵国这里一谈英文学习,也不在乎别人的基础和目的到底如何,动辄就是推荐新概念,看美剧,听新闻等等。。。


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