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A:Good morning. I'm XXX, the manager of the company. What's your name please?(早上好。我是XXX,这个公司的经理。你叫什么名字。)

B:Good morning, Miss Pan. My name is XXX. I have come here for an interview by appointment. Nice to meet you.


A:Nice to meet you,too .You are the first one to have arrived. Well, for this job, we need people to work hard. Do you think you're suitable for this kind of job?(你好,P。 今天我邀了几位面试者,你是第一个到的。对于这个工作,我们需要刻苦能干的人,你觉得你能适应这样的工作吗? )

B:Oh, yes, I think so. (恩,我想我能。)

A:Ok. Please talk something about yourself or introduce yourself. (好吧。那就说说你的情况吧,或者介绍一下自己。)

B:My name is KeZhanBin. From jiangxi normal university.(后面自由发挥一下) A:Why did you choose to come here for a job?(你为何选定到此地来谋职?) B:I hope to have a job which offers me an opportunity for advancement. (我希望有一个提供升级机会的工作)

A:What interest you most about this job?(你对这份工作最感兴趣的是什么?) B:I like to work in a team and enjoy solving problems together.(我喜欢和一班人一起工作及解决问题。)

A:Why should I hire you?(我为什么要聘请你?)

B:My educational background and professional experience make me qualified for the job.(我的教育背景和工作经验使我能够胜任这项工作)

A: When can you begin? (你何时能开始工作? )

B: Immediately. (马上就可以)

A:So you can go back now,we will inform you soon.(所以现在你可以回去了,我们很快就会通知你)

B:I will wait patiently, thank you.(我会耐心等待的,谢谢)






A:sit down,please

C:thank you very much!

B:well, What can you tell us about yourself ?

C:In high school I was involved in competitive exams and I always tried to get my good grades in each exams in order to enter the college successfully one day. As a college student, I did some part time jobs. I’m very competitive and it means a lot to me to be the best.

A:What kind of personality do you think you have?

C: Well, I approach things very enthusiastically, I think, and I don't like to leave things half-done.I'm very organized and extremely capable.

B: And what would you like to be doing five years after graduation? C: I hope to do my best I can be at my job and because many in this line of work are promoted to area manager, I am planning on that also.

A:What is your greatest weaknesses and strengths?

C:Well, I'm afraid I'm a poor speaker, however I'm fully aware of this, so I've been studying how to speak in public. I suppose my strengths are I'm persistent and a fast-learner

A:you are so confident,by the way ,How do you feel about your progress to date?

C:I think I did well in school. In fact, in a number of courses I received the highest exam scores in the class. As an intern for the GE, I received some of the highest evaluations that had been given in years.

B:How will your experiences benefit our company ?

C:I know the marketing from top to bottom . I can develop a new market for you. That will increase your profit margin and keep the shareholders satisfied.

A:What do you know about our major products and our share of the market?

C:Your company's products are mostly marketed in Europe and the United States, but particularly has sold very well here in China. So I think in the future you'll find China to be a profitable market as well.

B: If you enter this company, what section would you like to work in?

C:If possible. I'd like to be positioned in International Trade Department.

A:Are you aware of the aspects of this position and do you feel you are qualified?

C:Yes, I understand my qualification and your needs by researching your company

B:What starting salary do you expect?

C: I'd like to start at ¥5000 a month.

A:Do you have any particular conditions that you would like the company to take into consideration?

C:Yes, do you have allowance for transportation as well a housing packages, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and annuity.

B:Oh,It’s all,we will contact you if we reach our decision. You can get back and wait our call. ( Shake hands)

C:Ok,good bye!A&B:Bye!


①I:How do you spend your spare time?

②I:Are you interested in sports?

③I:Do you think you are introverted or extroverted?

④I:What kind of personality do you think you have?

A:I always approach things very enthusiastically. When I beg in something, I don‘t like to leave it halfdone. I can’t concentrate on something new until the first thing is finished. ⑤I:What is the most important thing for you to be happy?

A:Different people have different ideas. I think the most important thing for me is having a good relationship with my family members and my friends. My family has always been very closeknit, and my friend sand I spend a lot of time together. Without that I would be much less happy than I am.

⑥I:What makes you angry?

A:Dishonesty. It‘s unacceptable.

⑦I:What are your personal weaknesses?

A:I‘m afraid I’m a poor talker. I‘m not comfortable talking with the people whom I have just met for the first time. That is not very good for business, so I have been studying public speaking.

⑧I:Are you more of a leader or a follower?

A:I don‘t try to lead people. I’d rather cooperate with everybody, and get the job done by working together.


①I:Do you think you can make yourself easily understood in English?

A:Yes, in most circumstances.

②I:Are you available for travel?

A:Yes, I like traveling. I am young, and unmarried. It‘s no problem for me to travel frequently.

③I:How about overtime work?

A:Overtime work is very common in companies. I can work overtime if it‘s necessary, but I don’t think we will work overtime everyday.

④I:How long do you think we can depend on your working here?

⑤I:Do you like regular work?

A:No, I don‘t like regular work. I am interested in different projects with new opport unities and new challenge, but I can do regular work if the company needs me to do so. ⑥I:What salary do you expect

A:Shall we discuss my responsibilities with your company first?I think salary is closely related to the responsibilities of the job.

⑦I:Do you work well under pressure

A:Working under pressure is exciting and challenging. I don’t mind working under pressure. I work well under the secircum stances. People can, I Can.

⑧I:Do you have any particular conditions that you would like the company to take into


A:No,nothing in particular.

⑨I:How soon can you begin working for us?

A:I need about two to three weeks for necessary formalities. I will quit then transfer to your company.


①I:Any questions?

A:When will I know your decision?

②I:How can we get in touch with you?

③I:We will notify you of our decision by mail, is this convenient for you?

④I:Thank you for your interest in our company. A:Thank you, Mr.Smith. Goodbye.(Thank you for your time.)

⑤I:You will be hearing from us very soon. Please send the next applicant on your way out. A:OK.Thank you very much.

此外,面试官还可能问及你的家庭情况,如家人对你的影响等,也应事先有所准备。 上传者:绿如蓝 上传时间:2009-11-18 浏览:超过2000次

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BASIC expression_r_r_rS 基本句型表达

1. Do you have any questions you want to ask?


2. When will I know your decision?


3. How can we get in touch with you?


4. I can be reached at my office during work hours and at home in the evening. 工作时间我在办公室,晚上我在家,你们都能找到我。

5. Thank you for your interest in our company.


6. l look forward to hearing from you.


7. Well, that all for the interview.


8. And do I need the second interview?



(A=Applicant I=Interviewer)

Dialogue 1

I: Do you have any questions you want to ask?

A: Yes, I’d like to know if there would be any future opportunities for specific training. I: If necessary there will be. Any other questions?

A: When will I know your decision?

I: We抣l give you our decision in a few days. How can we get in touch with you?

A: I can be reached at my office during work hours and at home in the evening. My office phone number and home phone number are in my resume.

I: Thank you for your interest in our company.

A: Thank you, sir. I expect to hear from you as soon as possible.

I: Would you please let the next applicant come in on your way out?

A: All right. Goodbye.

I: 你有什么问题要问吗?

A: 有,我想知道贵公司将来是否提供特殊培训的机会。

I: 如果需要的话,会有的,还有问题吗?

A: 我何时能知道最终结果呢?

I: 我们会在几天内通知你我们的最终决定,我们怎样才能和你取得联系呢?

A: 工作时间我在办公室,晚上我在家,你们都能找到我。我办公室和家里的电话号码都在我的简历里。

I: 非常感谢你来我们公司面试。

A: 谢谢你,先生。我期待着能尽快得到您的消息。

I: 你出去的时候能通知下一个应聘者进来吗?

A: 好的,再见。

Dialogue 2

I: Well, that’s all for the interview. Thank you for your interesting this job.

A: You are welcome. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview me. I: May I call you about our final decision?

A: Yes, please. My telephone number is 2974-5328, and you can callme at any time in the daytime.

I: We will get in touch with you by the end of next week.

A: Great. I will look forward to hearing from you. And do I needthe second interview? I: We抣l notify you if necessary. Goodbye.

A: Goodbye.

I: 好了,面试到此结束,非常感谢你来面试这份工作。

A: 不用谢。也非常感谢你在百忙中抽出时间来面试我。

I: 我可以打电话通知你我们的最终决定吗?

A: 当然可以了。我的电话号码是:2974-5328,白天任何时候都可以打电话给我。 I: 我们会在下周末之前联系你的。

A: 好的,我期待着你的消息。那我还需要第二次面试吗?

I: 如果有必要我们会通知你的,再见。

A: 再见。

get in touch with 和……取得联系 reach 触及,联系

schedule 日程安排表,时刻表 take 需要,花费,占用

notify 通知 hear from 收到……的消息


I grateful for your concern about the job at our company.


Thank you for your concern about our recruitment, We shall informyou as soon as we have made our decision.


We have known something about you. You know, we have to interview several applicants before we make our final decision.




A:Good morning. I’m Lydia Shen, the manager of the company. What’s your name please?

B:How do you do, Miss Shen. My name is Penny Zhao. And I’m coming for your advertisement for atrainee salesperson.

A:How do you do, Penny? Well, for this job, we need people to work hard. Do you think your’e suitable for this kind of job?

B:Oh, yes, I think so.

A:Ok. Please talk something about yourself or introduce yourself.


A:早上好。我是Lydia Shen,这个公司的(de)经理。你叫什么名字。


A:你好,Penny。对于这个工作,我们需要刻苦能干的(de)人,(转 载 于:wWW.xlTkWJ.Com 小 龙文 档 网:面试官与应聘者的英文版对话)你觉得你能适应这样的(de)工作吗?



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