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Please enjoy some beautiful articles about high school:

Sudbury Valley School

To most of us, school means classes, teachers, schedules, grades and tests. But for the children at Sudbury Valley School in Massachusetts, school is very different.

Firstly, there are no lessons. All the children, aged between 4 and 19, do whatever they want. There are no teachers—only “staff members”. The idea behind this is that you do not need to make children learn, because children want to learn anyway. “You do not need to say to a three-year-old, ?Go explore your environment.?, You can?t stop them!” says Daniel Greenberg, a founder of the school. “But if you make children do what you want all day, they will lose all taste for learning.”

At Sudbury Valley School, you will permit children to talk, read, paint, cook, work on Computers, study French, play the piano, climb trees, or just run around. Two boys spent three years just fishing!

The other way that Sudbury Valley School is different is that the children can decide the rules. Every week, there is a school meeting where both children and staff have one vote each--- even the four-year-olds.


They decide the school rules, how to spend the school budget, and even which staff they want and do not want anymore.

When the school first opened in 1968, people said it would never work. But today, the school has 200 students, and 80% of its students go on to college. Even the two boys who went fishing all the time have successful careers today. One of them is a musician and the other is a computer scientist.

Question: What impresses you most about this valley school?

Good Study Habits

Good students always have good study habits. Those good study habits can help you achieve high grades. Work hard to develop any study habit you haven?t got yet. It won?t be only an important personal achievement but it?ll also be a great satisfaction for your parents. Here are some helpful study habits.

Try not to do too much study at a time. If you try to do too much study at a time, you’ll get tired and your study won?t be very effective(有效的). Space the work you have to do over shorter periods of time. Taking short breaks will restore your energy.

Try to study at the same time each day. Study at the same time each day and establish a routine, just like sleeping and eating. When a scheduled study time comes up during the day, you?ll be mentally prepared to study.

Set specific goals. Goals will help you stay focused and monitor your progress. You must be very clear about what you want to accomplish during your study time.

Review your notes before beginning an assignment. Reviewing your notes can help you make sure you?re doing an assignment correctly. Besides, your notes may include information that will help you complete an assignment.

Tell your friends not to call you during your study time. If your friends call you during your study time, you will be interrupted. So turn off your cell phone when you study.

Review your schoolwork over the weekend. This will help you be ready to go on Monday morning when another school week begins.

Question: Which study habit do you think is the most important what study habit do you think you lack?

High School

In America, after middle school comes high school which includes grades 9 through 12. Students are required to take certain subjects like English, social studies, math, science, and physical education. In addition, they choose among elective subjects, to complete their high school education. Electives include subjects in technology, music, art, and foreign languages.

Each student in the school has their own locker for books and personal items. This convenience saves students from carrying textbooks, and allows students a small space they can decorate with posters and favorite objects.

Cheating in any form is strictly prohibited in American schools. And I fact, high school students usually don?t cheat, A student caught in plagiarism(抄袭), forgery(伪造), or copying another student faces severe discipline(惩罚), even expulsion(开除).

School Activities

Each school holds certain yearly activities for the entire school body, such as homecoming(返校节), prom(舞会) night , holiday celebrations, etc.


Most high schools have at least one sports team that competes in local events, and all students are 1

tennis and soccer. Some may even have sports like golf, swimming, gymnastics and cross-country skiing. Jobs

Many high school students have part-time jobs by the age of 15 or 16, some even earlier. Their first jobs are often baby-sitting or cutting lawns, but later they will likely get a job at a fast-food restaurant, video store, or clothing shop.


Sixteen years old is legal driving age in most states, and students usually want to own a car as soon as they can. Some parents allow their children to drive a family vehicle, and may even buy a car as a graduation present. Others prefer that their sons and daughters earn enough to purchase a used vehicle. Regardless, many teenagers feel it?s a necessity to own a car, and will do whatever it takes to be able to drive.

Question: What do you think of cheating in the exam and have you ever cheated in the exam?

My dream high school

What?s Senior High? Well, I?ve thought about this question many times. The moment I got the permit of No.1 Senior High, I was so excited; a lively picture appeared in my mind, a beautiful school with tall plants and various(不同的) kinds of flowers, modern teaching buildings with the best equipment, new classrooms with TVs and computers… A completely new school life is waiting for me!

But if you ask me what my ideal high school is now, my answer will be quite different, my ideal high school does not necessarily have modern buildings or best equipment, but a place where classmates can get on well with each other, where teachers are knowledgeable(有知识的) and friendly, a life when after a whole day of hard work, I can relax myself with different kinds of sports and activities… where I realize my dream and enjoy the sweetness(甜蜜) and bitterness(苦涩) of life, where I can express myself, show my talents, and a place where I can not only get knowledge but also be able to improve my ability.

And I think I should play a totally different role from that when I was in junior high. Teachers not only teach us knowledge but most importantly teach us the way to learn by ourselves, way to manage our lives… All this add up, probably that?s what my ideal high school is like.

But still, I believe I play the most important part. I must try my best to get along with all that I have and make more progress.

It?s said that life is a box of chocolate, so I do hope my senior high life is not only full of flowers and success, but I can experience bitterness at the same time. I know success makes my dreams wonderful but failure makes me grow. I will try my best.

Please recite Paragraph 2

A new measure

When Klyce?s alarm clock sounds at 5:45 a.m., the 17-year-old rolls over and turns it off. Without the second alarm clock that goes off at 6, she might have a much harder time getting to Kennedy High School in Fremont, Calif for the 7:35 a.m. first bell. When she?s running late, she goes without breakfast and doesn?t do her hair. Research shows that when teens hit puberty(青春期), they need 9 hours of sleep a day on average. Now a growing number of schools are pushing back the morning bell so class time and students? energy are better balanced.

“The good side is, students are more awake,” says principal(校长) Amy McNamara of Logan High in New Haven Unified, which pushed back its morning bell to 8:40 in 2007. But a few parents complain that sports and extra courses can go into dinnertime, and in winter, into the dark. “That is a worry,” she says. “It?s not perfect, but you can?t please everybody.”

It sounds clear: students don't test well early in the morning. In one Illinois study, every high school senior performed better when tests were given in the afternoon than in the morning. But most important tests, like the SAT, starts at 8 a.m.

“Their brains just aren?t awake then,” and Sullivan, a children sleep specialist at Stanford Sleep Medicine Center. “Young people are in great need of sleep.”

Teens don?t necessarily stay up later when school starts later. In studies in Kentucky and Minnesota, when schools pushed the bell by an hour, high school students slept an extra 30 minutes per night.

More sleep means fewer sleepy drivers, suggests another study. Car accidents dropped by 16.7% among students in a Kannas county after schools there moved their start time forward by one hour.

1). The first paragraph shows the phenomenon (现象)that ________________________________.

2). The measure many schools have taken is __________________________________________.

3). The good sides of the measure are :






答:×××(主播)姐姐好,听众朋友们好,我叫, 岁,我来自 高二(8)班的学生,我的座右铭是:静心生慧,天道酬勤!















假设你是红星中学的学生李华,请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序, 为校刊“英语园地”写一篇短文,记述你参加学校“社团招新”活动的整个过程。




The new term began and the school clubs were looking for new member.


The new term began and the school clubs were looking for new members.

Last week, we were attracted by a poster, saying all the clubs would gather on the sports field during the lunch break on Friday, and we could join the club we like. Everyone was excited about it.

After lunch on Friday, we crowded onto the sports field. I was amazed at the number


variety of the clubs: the Cartoon Club, the Guitar Club, the Basketball Club and so on. It was not easy to make a choice. But I decided to join the Basketball Club, because I love sports. I signed up and so did some other students who shared my interest. In the end, we took a picture together, smiling and happy as if we had been friends for a long time.

I believe my school life will be more interesting because of basketball and new friends.


The new term began and the school clubs were looking for new members. When I was heading for lunch at school yesterday, a colorful poster caught my attention. Looking closely, I learned that all the school clubs would set up stands on the playground on Friday noon to attract new members. Looking forward to adding colors to my school life, I decided to take a look on Friday.

The playground was crowded when I got there. Various kinds of school clubs took part in the activity, such as the cartoon club, the guitar club and so on. My heart was lit up when I saw the poster of the basketball club, where a lot of students had already gather to eoll. I used to be keen on playing basketball, and at that moment, with a sudden desire to pick up my old hobby, I walked straight to the table of the basketball club. After exchanging some basic information, I signed my name in the application from without hesitation. To my delight, all the former members gave me a warm welcome.

The most exciting moment came when the chief of the club took a photo for us new members. We all smiled brightly in the picture. I believe joining this club will be a new start of my school life.


The new term began and the school clubs were looking for new members. Last Wednesday, a notice of the recruitment was put up on the school bulletin board, saying it would take place on Friday noon on the playground. I found it hard to remove my eyes from those well-decorated club posters. With a strong desire for a colorful club experience, I decided to give it a try.

On Friday noon, I headed for the playground with tremendous excitement. Upon my arrival, I found myself lost in large crowds of people. There were various kinds of clubs, like the Cartoon Club and the Guitar Club, to name just a few. The clear voices of the club sponsors kept ringing

around my ears. In front of the stand of the Guitar Club even stood a guitarist playing a beautiful tune, which was really pleasant to ears. Only when the banner of the Basketball Club came into sight did I realize what I was really fascinated about.

Without hesitation, I went up and grabbed an application form to fill in. It didn’t take me long to finish the form with a few simple questions about my basic information. Soon I was more than pleased to be informed of being a new member of the Basketball Club. All of the members of the club gathered together to have a photo taken. When the shuttle(快门)was pressed, our broad smiles were captured at that very moment.

Joining a school club not only gave me a golden opportunity to make new friends, but also represented a brand new term, which was sure to be splendid and unforgettable.


假设你是红星中学高三(1)班的学生李华,最近你校举办了“感动我校的人物”评选活动。请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序, 将此活动的全过程记述下来,向校报英语专栏投稿。注意:1.文章的题目自己给出2.词数不少于60.


Recently, there came a vote of “People Moving Our School”. A large and attractive poster with the photos of all the candidates on was put up on the bulletin board, which surely caught students’ eyes.

At lunch break, the computer rooms were open to us where we could browse the website to download the video that recorded their moving actions. Accompanied by my friends, I watched the video attentively. A lady moved me most, for she cleaned the stairs at night when we all went home. Every day we enjoyed the bright and clean stairs without awareness of her unseen kindness.

Then it was time to vote for the moving people in our school. We carefully took down the people’s names on the prepared paper and queued in line to put the paper into the voting box placed on a table in our school park. As I put the paper into the box, a wave of excitement surged through my heart.

The most exciting moment came when the final result was declared,. Four people were given the prize to award their kind action. Sitting on the seat, I was pleased to find that the lady I voted for was among them. As they received the award, a long round of applause burst out in the hall.

Through the activity, I realize that a kind act can bring joy and hope to others and it surely does.


People moving our school

Last week, our school held a “People moving Our School” election. A poster with photos of the six candidates was put up on the bulletin board on Monday, saying it would take place in the garden On Wednesday. With a strong desire to get involved in the school activity, I decided to serve as a responsible voter.

In the hope of getting a better look at the candidates, my friends and I visited our school websites during the lunch break. While we were surfing the Internet, the school cleaner caught my eyes. Tears kept welling up in my eyes when the scene came into my sight where the cleaner cleaned up the corridor for us without any complaint. I made up my mind to choose her for her praise worthy work.

It was not long before the voting day came. Queuing in order in the garden, all of us placed our votes into the voting box solemnly. My stomach fluttered with nervousness when I was

waiting for the result to come out.

It eventually turned out on Friday four candidates, including the cleaner were elected. It was in the school auditorium that the award ceremony took place. No sooner had they stepped onto the stage than we gave them a long round of thunderous applause. A wave of warmth flooded over my heart as their hard work and selfless devotion were rewarded with sincere admiration.

The experience is meant to stay fresh in my mind, reminding me that not only should I always be grateful to others for their kind act but I am also supposed to do my own bit to make contributions to our school.


1. 公告栏张贴了一份通知,上面写道社团招新在周五中午在操场举行。


2. 它吸引了许多学生的注意力,包括我的。


3. 在星期五的中午,我万分激动地前往操场。


4. 我一到达,就发现自己置身于人山人海和各种俱乐部中。


5. 招新工作井然有序,每个俱乐部搭起了自己的摊位,告知学生他们自己的特色。 ______________________________________________________________________________

6. 在吉他俱乐部的摊位前,甚至坐着一个吉他手正弹着一首美丽的曲调,非常得悦耳。 ______________________________________________________________________________

7. 只有当篮球俱乐部的横幅映入眼帘的时候,我才意识到真正令我着迷的是什么。 ______________________________________________________________________________

8. 我毫不犹豫地走上前去,拿起一份申请表就填了起来。


9. 所有的俱乐部成员聚在一起拍了张照片,当快门按下的时候,我们灿烂的笑容将定格在

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