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Book 2 Unit1 Cultural relics

高一备课组 黄晓杰 安新胜王瑞娟常凤民 吴桂琴

Ⅰ.Teaching aims and demands (教学目的与要求) 1.Mainly study the following words:

rare, valuable, survive, dynasty, in search of, select, style, design, decorate, belong to, in return, at war, remove, less than, doubt, worth, local, take apart, entrance, think hight of, informal and so on.

2.Learn asking for opinions and giving opinions. ①Do/don’t you think that?? Why/Why not?? ②In my opinion? I don’t think/think? 3.Study grammar

Restrictive Attributive Clause and Non-Restrictive Attributive Clause.

4.Learn about famous cultural relics in China and abroad and cultural relics protection through studying this unit.

Ⅱ.Teaching main and difficult points(教学重难点)

1.in ruturn, belong to, in search of, less than, think hight of 2.have/get sth. Done could have done sth. 3.The Attributive Clause Ⅲ.Teaching method

Cooperation study by group. Ⅳ.Teaching aids(教具) a computer and a recorder

Ⅴ.Teaching period division (课时分配) 5课时 【教学目标】



漯河二高一年级英语导学案(Book 2 Unit 1) 第 1 页 共24页 3、以饱满的热情,自觉投入学习,享受成功的快乐。 【使用说明与方法指导】 1、大声朗读,疯狂记忆。


3、标出不理解、有疑问的地方,合作探究。 【教学重点难点】

Period 1

New Words


在课前自主学习P89、P90 词汇的基础上,重点掌握下列词汇的用法: 1.survive v.幸免,幸存,生还 (1)vi.幸存,生还,保存下来

Of the sixteen people in the plane that crashed yesterday afternoon,only one survived.昨天下午失事飞机上的十六个人,仅一人生还。 (2)vt.幸免于

The house survived the storm.经过暴风雨袭击,这所房屋并未倒塌。 Few birds managed to survive last winter.去年冬天几乎没有鸟幸存下来。 注意:survive本身已表示“幸存,幸免于”,因而不要再加多余的in或from。 【搭配】

survive the accident/war/earthquake经过事故/战争/地震后还活着 survive sb.by 3 years 比??长寿了3年

Tom survived his wife by 3 years.汤姆比妻子多活了3年。 【拓展】

survival n.幸存,生还 survivor n.幸存者

surviving adj. 活着的,残存的 2. in search of

in search of?搜寻,寻找,在句中作状语或表语。若名词前没有任何修饰词用of;有a/the/one's等词修饰时用for,即in one's/the search for。

I went off in search of a garage where I could buy some petrol. 我去寻找加油站买

漯河二高一年级英语导学案(Book 2 Unit 1) 第 2 页 共24页


So far,they have been unlucky in their search for gold and have no money left. 到目前为止,他们寻找金子的运气不佳,并且已身无分文。 【拓展】

search sb./sth.搜身/搜查某物 search for sth.搜寻某物

search?for sb./ sth.为了找某人或某物而搜?? search out 找到

3.amazing adj. 令人吃惊的;了不起的

She has an amazing talent in music. 她在音乐方面有惊人的才华。

It was amazing that the boy was able to solve the problem so quickly.那男孩能这样快地解完这道题,真是令人惊奇。

He made an amazing discovery in science. 在科学上他做出了了不起的发现。 What he said amazed me very much.他说的使我非常吃惊。 【拓展】

amaze vt. 使吃惊;惊讶 amazement n. 惊奇

amazed(指人) 感到惊讶的,常用来修饰人 amazing (使人)惊异的,常用来修饰物 in amazement 惊奇地

be amazed at/by 对“??感到惊讶 be amazed to do 因做??而感到惊讶 to one's amazement 令人惊奇的是

I was amazed at her knowledge of French literature. 她的法国文学知识之丰富使我大为惊讶。

We were amazed to hear the news.=We were amazed at the news. 我们对这个消息感到非常惊讶。 4. select

(1)vt. 挑选;精选

He selected one of his favorite books and read it to his children. 他选了一本心爱的书念给他的孩子们听。 【拓展】

漯河二高一年级英语导学案(Book 2 Unit 1) 第 3 页 共24页select sb. to do sth.选出某人做某事

select sb./sth.as sth.选出某人担任??职务

We're going to select two students to represent the school. 我们要选拔两名学生代表我们学校。

We a11 select Wang Ming as our team leader. 我们都推选王明做我们的队长。 (2)adj. 精选的,精心挑选的(通常用于名词前);优等的;昂贵的 a select few 精心挑选的几个

a small,very select school 规模不大、人校要求严格的学校 select committee 特别委员会 【辨析】

select/choose (1)select 表示精选; (2)choose 表示一般的选择。

The three women are selecting seeds preparing for autumn sowing. 那三位妇女为准备秋种而精选种子。

You can choose anything you like. 你可以选择你喜欢的任何东西。 【拓展】

selection n. 选择;选择的人/事物 selective adj. 选择的;有眼光的 selected adj. 被挑选出来的;精选的 5. decorate 【搭配】

decorate sth. with sth. 用??来装饰 (sth.)be decorated with sth.被??装饰

She decorated her rooms with flowers.她用鲜花装饰她的房间。 Bright posters decorate the streets.鲜艳的广告招贴画点缀着街道。

We are going to decorate the kitchen again this summer.我们打算今年夏天再装修一次厨房。 【拓展】

decoration n. 装饰,装潢 decorator n. 装饰者,装潢师 decorate vt. 授予(奖章,勋章)

漯河二高一年级英语导学案(Book 2 Unit 1) 第 4 页 共24页

The hero was decorated for bravery. 这位英雄因勇敢而被授勋。 注意:decorate不接双宾语,而采用decorate sth.with sth.的结构。 [译]墙上装饰有几幅画。

[误]Some pictures were decorated on the wall. [正]The wall was decorated with some pictures 6. jewel n. 珠宝;宝石 是可数名词 我最喜爱的宝石是红宝石。 【拓展】

jewellery 是不可数名词,“一件珠宝”则用a piece of jewellery。 7. belong to 属于;是??的成员;同??有关;是??的一部分 The house belonged to my grandfather. 这座房子原是我祖父的。 I belong to the swimming club. 我是这个游泳俱乐部的成员。 【拓展】

belong vi. 属于;为??的一员,

belong 无被动语态;不可用于进行时态。 8.in return作为回报;作为报答

in return for作为对?的回报;作为??的交换

He taught me English,and T helped him with maths in return. 他帮我学英语,作为回报,我帮他学数学。

I don't know What to do in return. 我不知道做些什么来回报。

I'd like to buy you a meal in return for all your hospitality. 我想请你吃饭来报答你的热情好客。 【拓展】

without return 无利润 return ticket 往返车票 in turn 反过来 return trip 往返旅行

9,be at war 处于交战状态,at表示“处于??状态”。

The two countries have been at war for many years,and people there are suffering a lot. 两国至今已交战多年,人民深受其苦。 【拓展】

at peace 处于和平状态

漯河二高一年级英语导学案(Book 2 Unit 1) 第 5 页 共24页at work 在上班 at table 在吃饭 at risk 处于危险境地 at school 在上学 at ease 牙肖息 at rest 静止

at breakfast/1unch/supper 在吃早饭/午饭/晚饭 at church 正在做礼拜

10.1ess than “少于;小于”,可以置于名词、形容词、副词、动词以及从句等之前。 She covered 1,000 meters in less than 4 minutes. 她在不到4分钟内跑了1,000米。 It's not far from here,so we can get there in 1ess than five minutes. 它离这里不远,我们5分钟之内就可到达。 【辨析】

no less than/not less than

(1)no less than.?多达?强调数量之多,其意相当于as much as。 (2)not less than? 至少??

Not 1ess than 10 workers are needed because the task is too heavy. 这个任务太重了,至少需要10名工人。

The pies mother cooked were so delicious that I ate no less than five yesterday.妈妈做的馅饼太好吃了,昨天我至少吃了五个。

11. remove v. 移走(= take away);除掉(= get rid of) Remove/Take of your hat.摘下你的帽子。

He removed:the mud from his shoes.他去掉鞋上的泥。

Please remove your bag from the seat.请把你的包从座位上拿走。 He removed into the country.他搬到乡下去了。 【辨析】

remove与move都可表示“移动”。move强调位置的改变。 remove强调“拿走,取走”。表示“迁居”时二者均可。 Remove the cover揭开盖子

Who moved my cheese?谁动了我的奶酪?

We are moving/removing from Shanghai to Beijing.我们正从上海迁往北京。 注意remove还有“消除,免职”等意思。

漯河二高一年级英语导学案(Book 2 Unit 1) 第 6 页 共24页

12. doubt

(1)n. 怀疑,疑惑

He had no doubt on that point.对那一点他毫不怀疑。

There is not much doubt about his guilt.对他的罪行没有多少怀疑。 She had her doubts Whether he Would come.她怀疑是否他会来。 (2)vt. 怀疑,不信

I doubt the truth of their report.我怀疑他们报告的真实性。 I do not doubt that he will succeed.我肯定他会成功。 【拓展】

sb. doesn't doubt that?某人肯定?? sb.doubts whether/if? 某人怀疑?? without/beyond doubt 毫无疑问 in doubt 感到怀疑的;不确定的 without doubt 无疑 no doubt无疑地;很可能 that?

毫无疑问There is no doubt that we will be successful. 毫无疑问我们会成功的。 There is no doubt about his innocence. 他完全是无辜的。

注意:当,doubt 作名词时,在肯定句中接whether(不可用if引导的同位语从句;在否定句中用that引导同位语从句。


13.worth adj 值得的;相当于??的价值;值钱的n.价值;作用

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. (谚)双鸟在林不如一鸟在手。 This research project is of great worth. 这一研究项目很有价值。 【拓展】

be worth doing:be worthy of being done = be worthy to be done = It is worthwhile doing/to do sth.值得做某事 [译]这部小说很值得一读。

[正]The novel is well worth reading.

漯河二高一年级英语导学案(Book 2 Unit 1) 第 7 页 共24页[正]The novel is very worthy of being read. [正]The novel is very worthy to be read.

[正]It is worthwhile reading/to read the novel. 【辨析】



The true worth of Shakespeare's plays cannot be measured by their value to the commercial theater。莎士比亚戏剧的真正价值是不能以剧场的商业价值来衡量的。 注意:worth用Well修饰而不用very。 14.local adj. 本地的,当地的 n.[pl]本地人

He works at the local post office.他在本地的邮局工作。

One of the locals showed me the way to the post office. 一位本地人给我指点去邮局的路。 【拓展】

a local custom 地方风俗 local news 本地新闻 15. take apart

(1)apart adv.相距,相隔;分离,分开

These lamp poles are 15 metrer apart.这些灯柱的间距是15米。 I can't get them apart.我无法把它们分开。 (2)take apart 拆开,拆卸

The boy took the clock apart,but couldn't put it together again. 这个小孩把钟表拆开,可怎么也安不到一起了。 【拓展】

tell/know?apart 把??区别开来 stand apart 分开站立 live apart 分开住

(别无) (还有) fall apart土崩瓦解

漯河二高一年级英语导学案(Book 2 Unit 1) 第 8 页 共24页

(别无)(=except) (尚有)(besides) Apart from the price,the dress doesn’t suit me. 姑且不论价格,这件衣服不适合我。

Apart from his school work,he takes interest in anything.除了学校的功课外,他对任何事都有兴趣。 16.think highIy of 看重,器重 【搭配】

think highly/well/much of sb./sth.对某人/某事评价高

think badly/1ittle/ill/lightly of sb./sth.对某人/某事评价低(印象不好) think of sth./doing sth.考虑;想起,记起;对某事物有见解;想出,想到 think of?as? 把??看作 think back 重新考虑,反思 think twice 重新考虑,再三考虑

speak highly of/sing highly of 对??评价高,认为??好 speak well/ill of 说??的好/坏话

You thought badly Of him at first,didn't you?起初你对他印象很差,是吧? His work is highly thought of by the critics。他的作品深受评论家推崇。 What do you think of the film?你认为这部电影怎么样?

He often tells lies,which makes others think poorly of him. 他经常撒谎,这使得别人看不起他。

17. debate n. 争论;辨论 vi. 争论;辩论

They are debating about the new 1avers.他们正在就新法律进行辩论。 【拓展】

debate vt. 考虑;思考

He was debating whether to go for a walk or to visit a friend. 他在考虑去散步还是去访友。 【辨析】


(1)debate 着重“双方各抒己见”,内合“交锋”的意思。 (2)argue着重“说理”、“论证”和“企图说服”。

漯河二高一年级英语导学案(Book 2 Unit 1) 第 9 页 共24页(3)discuss 讨论,重在交换意见,不含有说服对方的含义。

(4)quarrel 争吵,吵架,重在因生气同某人争吵。含有敌意的成分。 Ⅱ.词汇随堂检测(分组展示)


1. __________________ 稀罕的,珍贵的 2. __________________ 贵重的,有价值的 3. __________________ 幸免,生还

4. __________________ 使吃惊,惊讶→_____________令人吃惊的

6. __________________ 审判,审讯;试验 7. __________________ 根据;证据 8. __________________ 爆炸 9. __________________ 人口 10.__________________ 争论;辩论 vi.争论;辩论


1. _____________ 寻找2. _____________ 属于

3. _____________ 作为报答,回报 4. _____________ 用金银珠宝装饰的珍品 5. _____________ 一队,一群6. less then _____________ 7. at war _____________ 8.be worth doing _____________ Ⅲ.巩固与提升(分组展示答案)


1. Of the over 200 miners trapped by water in a coal mine in Shanxi,how many people ______ the accident?

A.existed B.stayedC.lived D.survived 2. The man was so seriously hurt that he couldn't ______his leg. A.removeB.move C.carry D. send 3. I have a doubt _________ we shall be able to do something for you. A. whether B. if C. that D. about 4. We don't doubt __________ he can do a good job.

A. that B. if C. what D. whether 5. I doubt very much __________ or not he will accept our invitation. A. whether B. if C. that D. about 6. There's no doubt ___________ his honesty.

A. whether B. if C. that D. about

7. The two countries used to be _________ ,but now they are_________ and a large number of people have been killed.

漯河二高一年级英语导学案(Book 2 Unit 1) 第 10 页 共24页

篇二:人教版高中英语必修二Unit 1导学案


编号 GSWHYYBX2---Unit1--001

文华高中高一英语必修2 Unit 1 Cultural relics 导学案

Period 1 Warming up and reading

班级 ___________ 姓名__________ 组别_____________

Learning aims (学习目标)


cultural, relic, ivory, dragon, amber, the Baltic Sea, mystery, rebuild

2. 能够听、说、读、写下列单词和短语,并记住中文意思(14)

rare, valuable, vase, dynasty, amaze, amazing, honey, style, jewel, artist, troop, reception, wooden, former

3. 能够听、说、读、写并会运用下列词汇、短语:(13)

survive, in search of, select, design, fancy, decorate, belong to, in return, at war, remove, less than, doubt, worth Important points(学习重点) 能够熟练掌握并运用下列重点词汇和短语

survive, in search of, select, design, fancy, decorate, belong to, in return, at war, remove, less than, doubt, worth Difficult points(学习难点)下列单词和短语的区别

1. less than, more than, no more than, no less than

2. return, turn; remove, move; wood, wooden

3. worth, worthy, worthwhile

4. belong, belonging, belongings

Learning guide(方法导引)spelling,reading and writing.

Learning procedures:(学习过程)


Task 1 写出下列单词的中文词义(C级词汇 了解)

1. culture n. ___________ cultural adj. __________ 2. relic__________ 3. ivory ________

4. dragon _________ dragonfly _________ 5. amber __________ 6. mystery n. ___________

7. mysterious adj. _________ mysticism n. _________ 8. rebuild ________ building ______ Task 2 单词互译 及词形变化 (B级词汇 听、说、读、写 掌握)

9. rare adj. ___________ adv. ___________10. valuable adj. ____________ n. ___________

11. vase___________ 12. dynasty _________ 13. amaze __________ amazing______________

14. honey _________ honeymoon_________ 15. style ___________ 16. jewel ______________

17. art ___________ artist_______________ 18. 军队 __________ 19. 招待会 ____________

20.木制的 _________ 木头 ____________21. 从前的 _______________________________ Task 3:单词,短语互译 (A级词汇 重点掌握)

22. 幸存者_______________23. 幸免 ___________ 24. 寻找 ____________________________

25. 挑选 v. ___________ n. _____________ 26. 设计 __________ 27. 想象 ____________

28. 装修 n. __________ v. ___________ 29. 属于____________ 30.作为报答 ____________

31. 处于交战状态 ______________ 32. 搬开________________33. 少于 _______________

34. 多于 _________35. 怀疑 ________(反义词)_________36. 价值 ________ / __________

【重点词汇及短语突破】 合作探究 Task 4


in search of 寻找search …… (for……)搜……(找……)search for 寻找……

(1)They are ______________ something to eat. 他们正在找吃的东西.

(2)He went into the kitchen______________ a drink. 他进了厨房, 想找点喝的.

(3)The parents __________ the whole village for their lost daughter. 父母搜遍了整个村子寻找失踪的女儿.

(4)The police are __________ the missing papers. 警察正在搜寻那些失踪的文件.

(5)Many young people left their hometown for big cities ________ better jobs.

A. in favour of B. in search ofC. in charge of D. in honor of

2. Th


e amber which was selected had a beautiful yellow-brown color like honey.

选出来的琥珀色彩艳丽, 呈现蜂蜜一样的黄褐色. (P1 )

select sb. to do sth.选择某人做某事select…as/to be挑选,作为…select …from…从…中挑选…

(6)They ______ him ____ make a speech at the opening ceremony. 他们选他在开幕式上致辞.

(7)He was __________ the representative of the district.他被选为那个地区的代表.

(8)She __________ her favorite book her collections and read to her children.


(9)While making friends, we should take care to ________ those who have more fine qualities.

交友时, 我们应注意挑选那些有根多优秀品质的人.

(10)I ________ English _______ my major because it’s where my personal interest lies.

我选英语作为专业, 因为它是我的个人兴趣所在.

(11)It took her two hours to ________ a dress that suited her.她花了两个小时才挑选了一件适合她的连衣裙.

(12)Talented in skiing, he has hopes of being ________ for the national team.

A. elected B. offered C. hired D. selected

3. The design of the room was in the fancy style popular in those days.

琥珀屋的设计采用了当时流行的建筑式样. (P1 )

by design故意地in design在设计或构思上 a design for… 的设计/图案

(13)Did you do this by ________ ( on purpose) or by accident你这么做是故意的还是偶然的?

(14)These two clothes are different in_________.这两件衣服样式各异.

(15)She drew a beautiful ________ for dress.她绘制了一幅漂亮的连衣裙设计图.

be designed to do… 目的是做… be designed for 专门为…… 而设计

designer n. 设计者, 设计师 of the latest design 最新设计的, 最新式的

(16)The experiment is ______________ test the new car. 试验的目的是测试一下新汽车.

(17)The film is ___________________ the children. 这部电影是专门为儿童拍摄的.

(18)Deng Xiaoping was the general __________ of Chinese reform and opening-up.


(19)We have several models of ____________ for you to choose from.

我们有几款最新的设计, 你可以从中选择.

4. fancy adj. 精致的, 奇特的, 异样的, 花哨的

fancy vt. 想象, 设想, 爱好 fancy that…以为… fancy doing sth. 想要做某事, 真想不到… fancy sb. ( to be )… 认为某人(是) …fancy sb. as… 认为某人是…

(20)Don’t ____________ you can succeed without hard work. 别以为不努力你就能成功.

(21) ______________ so many old friends here ! 真想不到在这里遇到这么多老朋友!

(22)Do you ______________ out this evening? 今晚你想不想出去 ?

(23)We ________ Liu Xiang _______ an excellent athlete. 我们认为刘翔是位优秀的运动员.

(24)There are too ____________ for me. I prefer the plain ones.

A. ordinary B. fancy C. imaginary D. common

5. It was also a treasure decorated with gold and jewels, which took the country’s best artists about ten years to make. (P1)它也是用金银珠宝装饰起来的珍品,一批国家最优秀的艺术家用


decorate vt. 装修,装饰decorate … with… 用 … 装饰

(25)We __________ the room with flowers and balloons to celebrate the New Years.

为了庆祝新年, 我们用花和气球装饰了房间.

(26)During the festival, all the streets___________ colorful flags, flowers and balloons.


(27)The curtains do not match with the __________. 窗帘与室内装饰不相配.

(28)All the streets in Moscow were ________ with flags to welcome the president.

A. furnished B. supplied C. decorated D. declined

6. However, the next King of Prussia, Frederick William I, to whom the amber room belonged, decided not to keep it. (P1)

然而,下一位普鲁士国王, 腓特烈.威廉一世, 这个琥珀屋的主人却决定不要它了.

belong vi.属于, 为…的一员, 后常接介词 to. belonging n. 归属感 belongings n. 所有物, 财产

(29) Do you ____________ the tennis club? 你是网球俱乐部的吗?

(30) Success____________ those who prepared well. 成功属于那些准备充分的人.

(31)When I am with you, I feel a strong sense of __________.

当我和你在一起的时候, 我感到一种强烈的归属感.

(32)The taxi driver often reminds passengers to take their _________ when they leave the car.


(33)---- Whose suitcase is it?

---- I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure it _________ the old lady.

A. doesn’t belong toB. belongs toC. isn’t belonging toD. belonged to

7. In return, the Czar sent him a troop of his best soldiers. (P2 )

作为回赠, 沙皇则送给他一对自己最好的士兵.

in return 作为报答, 回报 (其后可接for, 表示—作为对… 的报答或回报)

(34)If you are honest to others, they will be honest to you ____________.

如果你对别人出诚实, 别人也会以诚实来回报你.

(35)We should always express thanks to our parents ____________ for their love and upbringing. 我们应该常常向我们的父母表达感谢, 以报答他们的爱和养育之恩.

in return 作为回报或报答, 强调—回谢, 回应

in turn 反过来, 依次, 轮流(=by turns), 强调又(对别人) 做同样的事或顺序.

(36)He was always ready to help others, and ____________, he was liked by everyone.

他总是乐于助人, 作为回报, 大家都喜欢他.

(37)Theory is based on practice and ___________ serves practice.

理论基于实践, 反过来, 理论也服务于实践.

(38)The students clean the classroom every day ___________. 学生们每天轮流打扫教室.

(39)---- Are you free after school?

---- Sorry, I’ve planned to treat a friend of mine to dinner ________ for his help.

A. in addition B. in turn C. in return D. in total

8. This was a time when the two countries were at war. ( P 2 ) 这是在两国交战的时期.

this was a time when … 这是一个… 的时期 , this也可用it来代替,

类似句型: where was a time when … 曾有一段时间, 曾经一度

(40)This/It was a time _______ there were still slaves in the USA. 这一时期, 美国还有奴隶.

(41)There/ It was a time _________ I was addicted to playing computer games.


(42) 上学时曾有一段时间我有些考试不及格.

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ I failed in some of the exams at school.

(43) 这是一个我们应该尽我们所能学好英语的时期.

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ we should try our best to learn English well.

at war 在交战中, 在争吵, 不和(at + n. 表示某种正在持续的状态或活动)

(44)The two nations have been ______ with each other for 5 years. 这两个国家已经打了5年仗了.

(45)The two sisters are often ____________ with each other. 这姐妹俩经常争吵.

at peace 在和平时期 at work 在工作 at table 在吃饭

at school 在上学 at rest 在休息 at play 在玩耍, 在嬉戏

(46)If only the world were __________. 要是全世界都和睦相处就好了.

(47)I can get some housework done while the kids are _______. 孩子们上学时, 我才能做些家务.

(48)The two countries have been at _____ war for five years, and there is still no ____ sign of end.

A. a; a B. the; the C. /;/D. /;a

9. Before the Nazis could get to the summer palace, the Russians were able to remove some furniture and small art objects from the Amber Room. (P2)

在纳粹分子到达夏宫之前, 俄罗斯人只能把琥珀屋里的一些家具和小件艺术饰品搬走.

remove vt. 移动, 搬开; 脱去(衣服, 鞋帽等), 摘下 (眼镜) ;

去除, 去掉 (污渍,不愉快等); 开除,免除(职务等)

(49)The students ________ several desks to another classroom.


(50)I didn’t recognize her until she ____________ her sunglasses. 直到她摘下墨镜我才认出她来.

(51)She ____________ mud from her shoes. 她擦掉了鞋上的泥.

(52)The corrupt official____________ from office. 那个贪官被免职了.

remove 强调移动后的—去除, 作—移动, 搬开讲时,同 move

move 强调—位置的改变, 还指—前进,搬家, 是感动等.

(53)That chair is in the way; _____________it please. 那把椅子挡着路, 请把它移开.

(54)God ____________ by the spirit of Yu Gong who ____________ mountains.


(55)Realizing her mom must be very tired after a day’s work, the girl helps ______ ______ ______

______ ______ ( 从…取下包) her shoulder.

10. In less than two days 100,000 pieces were put inside twenty-seven wooden boxes. (P2) 在不到两天的时间里, 10万个部件被装进了27个木箱.

less than 少于, 其后常接数词, 其反义短语是more than 多于more than 多于,超过 no more than 仅仅 (强调少)not more than=at (the) most 不多于, 不超过, 至多 no less than=as much as 多达 not less than=at least 不少于, 至少

(56)It took me _________ an hour to finish the work. 完成那项工作花了我不到一个小时的时间.

(57)It’s not far from here, so we can get there in ____________ five minutes.

那儿离这儿不远, 因此我们用不了5分钟就可到达.

(58)I have known David for _________ 20 years. 我和戴维认识已经有20多年了.(强调时间久)

(59)Each class has ____________ 8 students. 每个班级仅有8名学生. (强调人数少)

(60)Start the article with a short sentence, _______ 8 words. 文章开头用短句, 不要超过8个单词.

(61)He has ____________ 1 million dollars. 他的钱多达100万美元.

(62)He has ____________ 1,000 dollars. 他至少有1000美元.

(63)Because of the human beings’ destructive influence, the number of this precious species has

promptly dropped to ______ ______ ______ ( 不足100 )

11. wooden adj. 木制的, 木头似的, 呆板的 wood n. 木头, 与木头有关的woods 树林

(64)If you cannot find _______ boxes, you may use either plastic or iron ones.

如果你找不到木盒子, 你可以用塑料的或者铁的.

(65)The actor playing the father was too __________. 饰演父亲的演员太呆板.

(66)All the furniture here was made of ________. 这里所有的家具都是木制的.

(67)Look! There is a troop of monkeys in the ________. 瞧! 树林中有一群猴子.

golden 金质的, 金色的gold 金子 woolen 羊毛制的, 羊毛的

wool 羊毛 silken 丝制的, 丝绸一样的衣服silk 丝绸,丝织物

(68) My furniture is in good condition and it is made of good ______.

(69) This _______ chair is made of oak (橡木).

12. There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train for Konigsberg, which was at

that time a German city on the Baltic Sea. (P2) 毫无疑问, 这些箱子后来都被装上火车运往格地斯堡----当时的德国在波罗的海海边的一个城市.

there is no doubt that … 毫无疑问, 其后所接的从句是同位语从句.

(70)There is___________ nearsightedness is a serious problem among the youth of our country.

毫无疑问, 近视在我国的年轻人中是一个严重的问题.

there is some doubt whether… 是否….值得怀疑

have (no) doubt of / about … 对…有(没有)怀疑 without / no doubt 无疑地,确实地

(71)There is __________________he will come in time. 他是否会及时来到值得怀疑.

(72) I have___________________ your ability. 我对你的能力毫不怀疑.

(73)---- Will he come here to attend the meeting tomorrow? 他明天来这儿开会吗?

---- _______________. 毫无疑问.

13. Is it worth rebuilding lost cultural relics such as the Amber Room or Yuanmingyuan in

Beijing ? ( P2 )重建如琥珀屋或者北京圆明园这样的无法恢复的文化遗迹值得吗? worth adj. 值得的, 相当于……的价值, 有… 价值, 值……钱 n. 价值, 作用

(74)The plan is well _________ a try. 这个计划很值得一试.

(75)The book is excellent. It’s _________ reading a second time. 这本书很棒, 值得再读一遍.

(76)Our house is _________ about $100,000 . 我们的房子大约10万港币.

(77)Your effort is _________ it. 你的付出是值得的.

(78)The big fire caused thousands of dollars’ _________ of damage. 这次大火造成了价值数千美元的损失.

worth 只做表语, 不可用very来修饰, 可用well来修饰, 其后常接n. / pron. / v.-ing 从句 worthy 可作表语和定语,可用very来修饰,后常接of + n. / pron. / being done 或 to be done worthwhile 可作表语和定语, 可用very来修饰, 其后常接to do 或 doing

(79)The computer is not _________ what you paid. 这台电脑不值你付的那些钱.

(80)This is a _________ English-Chinese dictionary. 这是一本有价值的英汉词典.

(81)This is behavior _________ of praise. 这是值得称赞的行为.

(82)This suggestion is _________ of being considered (=is worthy to be considered).


(83)That’s _________. 那是值得的.

(84)They achieved a very _________ result. 他们取得了很有价值的成果.

(85)It is _________ to ask him to join the club. 邀请他加入俱乐部是值得的.

= It is worthwhile asking him to join the club.

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