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? add 增加,增添

? add up to 总计,总共为

? add A to B /add A and B 把A 和B 加起来

? point 比赛中的得分

? mark 考试中的得分

? grade 表示成绩、等级

? goal 一般指球赛中的得分

? upset 不安的,使心烦意乱的,过去式还是upset ,过去分词也同理,现在分词upsetting;

? ignore 不理睬,忽视;adj ignorant (无知的) n . ignorance(愚昧无知)

? 不少以t结尾的形容词可将t变为ce成为名词。例:disant 遥远的;adj-------------------- n distance;

? Impontant 重要的;adj----------------importance; n

? be concerned with 与……有关

? be concerned in 参与

? be concerned about /for 关心,挂念

? cheatcheat sb of sb’s money 偷某人的钱 ? calm……down 平静下来

? go through 经历;

? hid away 躲藏;过去分词hidden; 过去式hid ; ? set down 记下

? set about doing sth 着手做某事

? set out to do sth 出发,着手做

? set in 开始并将延续下去

? set up 建立

? grow/be crazy about 爱上,迷恋上

? do with 与……有关;

? have something to do with 与……有关;

? have nothing to do with 与……无关;

? have a lot/much to do with 与……有很大关系;

? 强调句的基本结构It is /was +被强调的部分+that/who +其他部分

? Stay awake 保持清醒

? no purpose 故意

? dare (to)do sth 敢于做某事

? Heart to heart 坦诚的;back to back 背对背地;shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩地

? Should have done 本就做某事(实际没有做,有点责备) ? Should not have done 本来不该做某事(实际已经做了) ? Get along/on with sb 与某人相片融洽

? Get into 陷入,走进

? Get back 回来

? Get off 下车

? Get used to 习惯于,适应于;

? Mean doing sth 意味着做某事

? Mean to do sth 打算做某事

? Be mean to do sth 意味做某事/应该做某事

Take place 发生(不及物)不能用于被动语态;同样也不能用于进行时;

? In the first place 首先;in the last place 最后; inone”s place 处于某人的位置

in place 在适当的位置; in the place of……代替;take one”s place 接替某人的位置;

? Starve 饿死;渴望得到某物

Millions of people starved to death during the war. ? Honour v. 向……表示尊敬; n.对……感到满意; Be satisfied with 对……感到满意;

Be satisfied to do sth 对某事感到满意

Satisfy one”s needs/demard 对某人的要求感到满意

? Harm n.损害

Do sb/sth harm = do harm to sb/sth

Mean no harm 没有恶意

? Harm sb 伤害某人

? Harm sb’s reputation 损害某人的名誉

? In memory of

China has held a series of activites.

In memory of the people who gave their lives to the country.

? Feast n.盛宴

No feast in the world can last forever.


Feast sb on sth 宴请某人吃某物

Feast on sth 吃某物

Feast eyes one 尽情欣赏

? In the shape of 以……的形式

The little cake is in the shape of panda.

? Belief 信任,信心,相信 (不可数名词)

? One’s belief is that = it is one’s bel我ief that ? 某人相信

? Beyond belief难以置信

? His story is beyond belief.

? My belief is that her death was not accident =it is my belief that …

Dress up 盛装,打扮

Dress up as 打扮成……

Dress sth up 装饰某事 dress sb in 给某人穿上 Be dressed in 穿着……

例:she dressed up as a ghost

? Trick 玩笑,窍门,把戏; play a trick on sb V.欺骗 trick sb into doing sth 欺骗某人做某事

? Arrival n.到达

The arrival of ……的到达

On one’s arrival = on arriving in/at

? Gain 获得,增加

No pains,no gains 不劳无获

Gain a reputation 获得声望

Gather 聚集,集合

Gather sb/sth round 聚集某人或某物

Award n. 奖品,奖金 v.授予,奖给award sb sth = award sth to sb

1She won the best actress award in the 12 film festival. ○




1. 书写﹙作为作业的一部分,内容可以是从做过的完型或阅读中摘抄的优秀表


2. 审题﹙这步应该没问题,略讲﹚

3. 草稿﹙看时间安排,不强求﹚

4. 成文:注意连贯﹙过渡类词语的使用﹚;避免低级错误﹙检查人称、时态、



1.there be


②there exist/remain/lie/stand/follow+n./pron.+doing/to do…

Eg:There remains much to be done.

③there happen/seem/appear +to be + n./pron.+doing/to do…

Eg:There appears to numerous reasons for changing our plans.

④there is no use/point/sense/good in doing sth.

There is no chance/possibility /need to do sth

2.It is

①It is +adj./n. +for/of sb. to do sth

②it is +adj./n. +that从句

③It is +时间+before+从句

④It is a shame/pity that…

⑤It is .high time that +sb. did sth/sb. should do sth.

⑥It occurs to sb. that…/It hits sb that …/It happens that …/It goes without saying that …/It takes sb.+时间+ to do sth.

⑦It is said/believed/reported..that …


3.so…that…/such …that…

①so+adj.+a/an +n. such+a/an+adj+n.

②倒装 So +adj.+be+主语+that …


1、表并列:and,as well as,both...and…,either…or…,or,not only…but also…,as well

2、表转折:but,yet,however,whereas,instead,nevertheless,despite,while,otherwise,although,on the contrary

3、表因果:for,so,as a result,thus,therefore,because,due to,owing to,on account of,thanks to,consequently,



In the first place,…In the second place,…Last but not least,…

To begin with,then,besides,meanwhile,in the meantime,in the

end,eventually,finally,afterwards,subsequently,at last,shortly after,next

4、表空间:at the foot /center/middle/top/end of

On the right,to the left,above,under,on one side of

5、表解释说明:that is,in other words,such as,for instance,namely,to tell you the truth,according to,…and so on

6、表递进:what’s more,moreover,worse still,besides,in addition,furthermore,above all,

7、表总结:in short,in brief,in a word,in general,as you know,as far as I know,on the whole,to sum up,all in all



1. age:at the age of …;aged 21;be born on Feberary 2nd,1987;as a boy of15;in

one’s fifties;in one’s teens;a 25-year-old young man

2. appearance:is 1.80 meters in height,is 1.80 meters


3. character:quick-tempered;diligent;hard-working;humorous;tough;strong-mi


4. education:be admitted to/into +大学;take/gain a master’s/doctor’s/bachelor’s

degree in +学科;get on well with one’s lessons;go abroad for further studies;have little schooling;the Physics Department;a member of the Students’ Union;major in history/economics

5. background:be born into a poor family;be born to a poor farmer’s family;

6. major events:devote one’s whole life to doing sth;dedicate oneself to doing

sth;be committed to doing sth;do research about ;went through a lot of hardships during his childhood;rise from poverty ;receive many awards and honors for his music;

7. evaluation:will be long/forever remembered as/for;remarkable

achievements;go down in history as one of the greatest leaders;his stories will inspire generations to come;carry on sth/carry on with;a milestone of one’s career;capable;distinguished;dedicated


1. be located in /be situated in/lie in ;stretch;neighbouring;be in the

neighbourhood of…;

2. cover an area of ;with an area of;the size of the city is;…square kilometers

3. face;be surrounded by;with…on its east/west/north/south;

4. with a population of…(可用large/small修饰population);8% of the

population are…;The population has reached…;某地 is home to+数字+people;

5. has/with a (long) history of…;…has witnessed…;

6. be rich in +资源;abundant;be known as…;be famous/well-known/renowned


7. warm/cold/humid/sunny/mild/foggy/rainy/dry…;the average annual

temperature;the rainy season;enjoy a warm and wet climate;be honored as;have a beautiful landscape;have beautiful scenery(scenery为不可数名词,

landscape为可数名词);a traveling paradise for tourists;an ideal fairyland to settle d


own;southest(形容词/名词);southeastern(只能作形容词)A borders on B;living standards;people of different races;

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